• 4790 Shallowford Road • At the corner of McPherson Road • Roswell (Atlanta,) Georgia 30075 • USA •

• As Featured in Wall Street Journal & HGTV •

McPherson Mansion

•  100 Car Outdoor Parking

Above is a test of “Parking On The Special Compacted Grass” designed for parking. I had an event especially for high-value home Realtors. To be honest, I was worried. It had rained for four straight days finally quitting about 20 hours before my Realtors were to show up. I knew I would have over 40 cars and had no idea what I was going to do with them if the wet grounds didn’t handle cars well. My Seller had all the confidence in the world and told me not to worry - “Jim, Just park them! It will be fine!” OK, we did. Above are photos from that day showing about 43 cars parked around the yard with plenty of room for more!

Two points:

(1) You can clearly see that there is room for the additional 57 cars that could be parked inside the compound - allowing for the parking of, at least, 100 cars.

(2) The “After” photos show no evidence of the cars other than the grass is just bent over from driving on it. There were NO ruts! Whew! By the next day, the grass was standing upright and you would have never known about the parking the day before.